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06/11/19 12:00pm

Prospector, owned and operated by Shelter Island Yacht Club members, under sail in a race last summer.

An Island-based racing yacht saw it’s mast fail in the early hours of Sunday morning during a Maryland to Rhode Island race. (more…)

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06/04/19 2:00pm

Catch enough bluefish like this one, our columnist says, and you’ll need some help getting out of the boat.

I couldn’t get my boat out for at least a week due to waves that kept insisting on coming over the gunwales.

On May 30, I finally caught a flat, calm day and headed out at noon for a quick hour’s fishing. I finally got back at 3:30 and damn near needed help getting up the boarding ladder to my dock since I was so tired from battling large fish on light tackle. (more…)

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06/04/19 8:07am

SCOTT FEIERSTEIN PHOTO Bucks starter Trevor Olson was brilliant on Opening Day Sunday at Fiske Field, shutting out the North Fork Ospreys over five innings and racking up 10 strikeouts.

The Shelter Island Bucks notched their first victory of the Hamptons Collegiate Baseball League season in their home opener on Sunday afternoon, defeating the North Fork Ospreys 4-3 before a spirited crowd at Fiske Field. (more…)

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05/22/19 12:00pm

The 2019 Shelter Island School junior varsity softball team. From left, front row, Kathy Ramos, Bella Springer and Myla Doughtery. Back row, from left, Mary Gennari, Kaitlyn Gulluscio, Jaime Lenzer, Angelina Rice, Jane Richards, Lydia Shepherd, Izzy Fonseca, Valeria Reyes, Isabelle Topliff, Dayla Reyes, Lily Page and Sophie Clark.

While the rain and cool weather made much of May feel like March, the Shelter Island junior varsity girls softball team wrapped up their season on a warming trend. (more…)