03/07/19 2:00pm

Los Hacheros will play at Sylvester Manor’s upcoming fundraiser at the Brooklyn Historical Society on Thursday, March 14, from 6:30 to 9 p.m.


03/07/19 8:00am

COURTESY ILLUSTRATION A 1950 pictorial map of Shelter Island illustrated by The Nelson Studio, St. James, N.Y.

The shape of Shelter Island is changing. The impacts will be felt on our roads, utility infrastructure, drinking water and building lots -— especially near the shore. We should know what to expect and plan accordingly. Mashomack Preserve Director Jeremy Samuelson will address the role that The Nature Conservancy plays in bringing together community members, elected officials and planning professionals. He will talk about what we can expect in the years and decades to come at the Shelter Island Library’s Friday Night Dialogue on Friday, March 8.


03/01/19 12:00pm

JADE ECKARDT PHOTOS Peter Waldner art.

The gallery at the Shelter Island Library features new works of art by Island artists every two months. The portraits exhibit (pictured) was on display through December and January. Beach art was hung on the gallery walls earlier this month and will be on display through March; these will also be featured in the Reporter.