10/18/18 4:15pm

Superintendent Christine Finn signs a pledge to avoid use of plastic straws at a special assembly last week organized by The Group for the East End.

Shelter Island students and staff will no longer be sipping through plastic straws in the cafeteria after representatives of classes in grades six through 12 joined Superintendent Christine Finn in taking a pledge to protect the environment.

The students watched a film last week on the dangers plastic poses as it so often ends up in waterways, threatening the lives of fish, turtles and other species. (more…)

10/18/18 12:00pm

Last week, buried inside a report released by the Trump administration, a startling prediction about climate change was made public. If nothing is done to put the brakes on rising temperatures, our planet could warm a staggering seven degrees Fahrenheit by 2100. That’s 82 years from now, easily within the lifetimes of current newborns and young children. (more…)

Featured Story
10/18/18 6:00am

Shelter Island Center Firehouse

They called it a public hearing, but nobody came to hear what Shelter Island Fire Commissioners have decided on for spending in the 2019 fiscal year.

With no public comments, the commissioners agreed on a spending plan of $936,910 of which $895,710 would be raised from real estate taxes. The balance comes from interest income and money paid by the Village of Dering Harbor for fire protection. (more…)

Featured Story
10/17/18 4:00pm

Warming up for the Annual Shelter Island 5k two years ago.

If you haven’t yet registered to participate in Shelter Island’s 19th Annual Fall 5k Run/Walk to raise funds and awareness of breast cancer and other women’s cancers, there is still time to get in the game. (more…)