11/22/14 11:00am
James Bornemeier

James Bornemeier

After my descent to the basement laundry room to unload the dryer, I encountered an older woman I had seen many times in the elevator line we share in our Manhattan co-op.

Usually she has a dog on a leash going out for a walk. Over the years I had noticed that she had several dogs, all utterly unremarkable mutts. They had one thing in common: Sniffing my pant leg once then turning away from me with a pained look. I found out some years ago that they weren’t her dogs.

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11/21/14 4:30pm
CHARITY ROBEY PHOTO Terry Brockbank at his home on Midway Road.

Terry Brockbank at his home on Midway Road.

Terry Brockbank left the United Kingdom for the United States in 1968. Forty-six years later, when he says the word, “theater,” as he often does, his London and South Wales roots are still audible, his diction perfect. (more…)

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After spending the last two weeks in Winthrop Hospital with my wife, I understand that I may not be a doctor, but I can now understand words I never heard in my life.

While there, my mind frequently drifted toward a Shelter Islander who was as sick as anyone could be. A man who had a tragic accident, never complains or asks for help and has successfully and totally reinvented himself. (more…)