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12/17/18 4:30pm


Marie Eiffel makes it habit to get to know her regular customers, so when a man stopped by her  Market on Bridge Street several times a couple of years ago, she began speaking with him and discovered he, like she, was from France.

He was the ambassador from France to the United States. (more…)

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12/17/18 2:00pm

Police Chief Jim Read and Supervisor Gary Gerth presented a proclamation at the December 14 Town Board meeting to Hamptons Fine Carpentry executives in appreciation of their pro bono work on police headquarters. From left, Chief Read, Milos Djurasic, his father, Borislav, brothers Stefan and Boris, and Supervisor Gerth.

How to get the best buy when painting and repairs are needed at Shelter Island Police Department headquarters?

Get it done for nothing. (more…)

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12/17/18 12:00pm

COURTESY PHOTO The 2018 tax bills have been sent out.

’Tis the season of giving and receiving.

Just ask Annmarie Seddio, Shelter Island’s receiver of taxes, who mailed out notices December 8 to the 3,280 owners of taxable property on Shelter Island asking — O.K., requiring — that they give. (more…)

12/17/18 10:00am


“How Do We Build A Just Long Island?”

That important question is being asked at a series of five public forums organized by the organization Erase Racism. (more…)